“Class is determined by class struggle. There are, of course, an infinite number of ways that humans can be grouped into classes–hair color, blood type, and so forth–but the classes that matter are those defined by the lines of collective struggle. Race is just as much as a political concept as economic class is in this regard.”

I am reading this book by contemporary philosophers Hardt & Negri. It is actually a trilogy — trilogies are quite popular these days — full of hippie-dippie ideas, this post-marxist duet does have some ideas that we can use…  I mean, they are well known scholars, for Christs sake! of course they have ‘some ideas we can use’… I’ll try to elaborate:

Those academic half-gods are linguistics psychopaths… they can turn a simple five-word sentence in such a complicated statement. Because being clear and objective and precise and understandable is not intellectual! How am I supposed to carry a Ph.D title if I can’t get mortals confused??

Anyways, I just wanted to make the point and express my frustration with people who need to appear to be something in order to feel better about themselves–not saying that is the case of the two mentioned in my post, i don’t know them personally and can’t really tell–, that said, I really like the lines I quoted above… and every one that believes their reality ought to be changed through struggle and resistance, should give these guys a try… out of their almost one thousand page trilogy, there are many things that can be used for the occupy movements, for instance.

So, I think the message I want to convey on this post is that classes that matter are those that unite and fight for what they believe will benefit them and their equals. It is important that the multitude carries a singularity in their thought to reach its aims. below, you will find a video made by a friend with some of their demands for change at O.B.–the making of this video was mentioned in one of my earlier posts, it is, using my friend’s words, “an amateur video”, with that she means “not so good production, quality or whatsoever” but it definitely enlightens people about what the occupiers are fighting for

This is gonna be kind of a lousy post… I am still bitter about my life and  a little bit rusty and with not many interesting topics to talk about. my apologies!




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