do you have GOOD HAIR?

“…women shouldn’t point fingers in other women for whatever they’re doing to enhance their bodies… other than that, do whatever makes you feel good because trust me, if a woman ain’t happy with herself she won’t bring nothing but pain to every f*ing body around her”   Ice T

10am sounds better than 1pm. I really want to look at the bright side of things right now. I am now listening to one of my favorite singers, french-german Patricia Kaas.

Couple years ago I used to wake up early in the morning, open up the windows, and let the warm breeze from the sea in to  blow away all the laziness around me… I’d make breakfast singing along with Kaas. I do love traveling around the world, getting to know other cultures, how other people think, how they live… but sometimes, the simplicity of my lifestyle me manque beaucoup! Enough of my boring story…

Today I am gonna talk about  a documentary that I watched a while ago. The film is titled GOOD HAIR. There are some things that drew my attention in that documentary.

First one:

Beeeeautiful, little girl (she is around 4) gets perms since she was three. Chris Rock asks her if he should get his 3-year-old daughter a perm. Little girl answers yes. He asks why and she says: because you are supposed to get a perm.

Sad but true, that answer shows we are taught to conform, to fit, to please… It is a reality that we know, but we ignore till we see things like that, and we get shocked as if that’s new… even though we know it is not.. Don’t we teach our kids that same-sex lovers/partners are sinners or dirty or just less than “normal” people? Didn’t we learn that if one is not professionally successful one is a total failure? And aren’t we trying to prove ourselves to the world in a daily basis? We are just supposed to…

Second one:

Jason Griggers, one of the Hair Battle Contestants, I looooooooooooooove his attitude. I am not belittling the other contestants, I couldn’t do 0.01% of what they do, and they are simply amazing! But there is some kind of “I just wanna carpe diem”, a “what will be will be” about Jason that mesmerized me! I think that is the one reason why he was the favorite and why everyone else was so concerned about him. …especially at this moment, that’s what I need for my life: I need to focus on what I am good at, believe in myself, do my best and chill… Thanks Jason! You are an inspiration.

Third one:

the quote on the top of this post by musician Ice T is the last shot of the documentary. And as much judgmental we might be of other people, I think he is right! Is it my business if someone is completely plastic or totally artificially enhanced? If they are happy with themselves and if that didn’t hurt anybody else, why the heck should I mind?? Happiness produces happiness… have you ever walked by someone who for whatever reason had a huge grin on  their faces and without noticing you just smiled? It feels like you borrowed someones happiness and enjoyed it for a little while… it’s such a pure and plain feeling.

Well, I’m done for the day. If you have a chance to watch GOOD HAIR, do it. It’s a light, witty,  amusing, slightly sarcastic well done job!  And Chris Rock rocks!!


2 thoughts on “do you have GOOD HAIR?

  1. Iohannes says:

    Valentina, how did you discover about GOOD HAIR?

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