There’s a fine line between lunacy and genius!

Good afternoon!

This time I couldn’t help waking up late… I had an awful night.. I’ve got a sore throat, a stuffed nose, a backache… woke up several times at night… my bad!  sorry… but you know what? I told you in my first post that would happen… we have ups and downs… even though I’m living a down period of my life, I think that we can “subcategorize” the ups and downs, and for sure, last night and today classify as  a down in my limbo… I gotta cheer up, right? there isn’t much I can do about it… better days will come..

Aaaaaand today, as mentioned yesterday, I am sticking to nutrition as a topic (same source of previous post, different experimenters and discoveries), I’m gonna talk about two lunatic geniuses: J Goldberger and V. Herbert

In the beginnings of  the 19oo’s, an Epidemic of Pellagra in Southern US, drove Goldberger to research and eventually prove that one’s diet directly affected one’s health, and that Pellagra was a result of dietary deficiency, not an infectious disease…  In order to prove his point, he went as far as making Pellagra pills out of feces of his patients aaaand taking the pills… He made that experiment with some of his peers and even his wife, only to prove that Pellagra was not a germ disease… It took the guy 13 years and some more nasty experiments to convince the committee and his critics. I am not that much of a genius, neither would I swallow poop to prove my “geniusy”.. But I do understand from this lesson that it takes perseverance , faith, and strength to get where you want… and bad days will come.. but we gotta be ready for them and not give up on our plans.

Herbert, on his turn, proved that lack of folic acid leads to megaloblastic anemia… and of course he went extreme, he experimented on himself.  He went into a folic acid deficient diet. He’d take blood samples every week and a bone marrow expiration every other week (ouch!!)  Not only his system became depleted of folic acid, but he became forgetful, skinny, irritable and irascible, the household experimented chaos  and frustration…. occasionally he got paralysis –due to lack of potassium in his diet–,  did he quit his weird diet then??  Of course not… he simply added potassium to it and went on…   Eventually, after more than 4 1/2 months he got megaloblastic anemia. He was sooo certain of his findings that in about 48h he “replenished” his folic acid levels with supplements and fully recovered!!

I will try to remember those geniuses’ examples to keep pursuing my goals… no matter how hard it gets! I know better days will come!

Have a good one… more later.


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