How it all started

Maybe the appropriate way of posting on your blog for the first time is explaining the reason why you decided to blog… So I hope, coz that’s what I’m doing right now…

I’ve heard that life happens to you “when you are busy making other plans”… I can then say that “life” happened to me… and it got to a point where I’d either jump off a cliff or start everything over.

Guess what? I decided to jump off the cliff. Things didn’t really work the way I planned, and I was left with the only option of starting over, which became a much more challenging and painful option after my jump-off-the-cliff failure.

Couple months are gone since then, and as part of my recovery process, I decided to blog, not about that traumatic experience, nor about what caused it — sorry to disappoint!

I decided to blog about what is to come. Let me make it clear, not about what I think should come, or like good old Jean Paul Sartre would put it,” mon projet de la vie”, but about what I am again gonna be busy with… . I am not going to talk about my dreams and aspirations, no! That would make my blog even more ‘unreadable’ and unbearable… Instead, I am going to set a timeline for myself to reach certain goals, and what you will be reading about is the means I will use to get there, not exactly the means, but what will come out of those means… kind of a by-product of a by-product.

Soooo, the first step of getting out of the edge of the cliff, is getting back to some of my favorite habits: waking up early. And I will force myself to do so with the commitment of writing on my blog every morning.

Oh my dearest bitter reader, you can totally throw in my face each and every time that I fail to do that… It is part of the process… and I’m not thinking I’m going to succeed always… But I will, someday breath in the dawn’s breeze… wait and see!

I’m afraid my first post will be a lot more dramatic and interesting than the following ones, well if I do get followers and readers that might be interested in my drama (and believe me, i can make it soooo dramatic), we may talk about it later on.. however, right now I’d rather focus on the boring recovery!

have a good night and talk to you tomorrow!


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