Go essential fatty acids!

Good morning!

Yes, it’s still morning! I did wake up as early as 07:39 am. But couldn’t really get up till 10:00 am…. for an unexpected reason, I’d imagine. I’ll make it clear for my reader: as part of my “recovery” plan, I am now living in limbo for a couple days. Limbo can be extended to couple weeks and perhaps months… (we will see) but anyways, basically what happened was, I advertized my house so I could move out of where I’ve been living for a year and  a half now. I do need a fresh start.

The issue is I anounced publicly that I am gone already… and as far as people around here are concerned, I AM FAR FAR AWAY… So, what I was not counting on, was that one of the people interested in the house would be an acquaintance of mine, which not only wanted to see the house, my bedroom, and all, but also wanted to spend the night over, to “feel” the house or whatsoever…. As a result, I had to hide in a little attic, where my 5’05” can’t stand straight. oh yes, it’s really uncomfortable! I brought basic provisions such as water, some candles, and my computer–basic is relative, just like everything else in life…  Anyways, I coordinated with my roommates to show the house while I hid. Everything went well. And now I’m gonna share a little something that I learned this morning.

Nutrition is the topic, and I might stick to it for a couple days.

It’s claimed eating oily fish reduces the risk of blood clotting.  British physician and self-experimenter, Dr. Hugh Sinclair proved that by experimenting on himself the Inuit diet. Against common sense, Sinclair argued that the 1950s epidemic of heart desease was caused not by eating too much fat, but by eating too little.  He claimed that by eating the right type of fat, we would be able to turn our blood thinner, increasing our bleeding time. Indeed, his bleeding time went from normal 4min to 50 in only 3 months!! The guy could have died of hemorrhage if he had a paper cut!

I’ve been hearing from close friends that they are worried about my appearance. They say I look too tiny, unhealthy tiny… of course, I haven’t been talking about the reasons I’ve been putting down that weight… One can’t really tell the difference by scale numbers, but definitely by my looks… I don’t look as healthy and vigorous as a did couple of years ago. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now… I am not the kind of person who wants to live till my hundreds — I certainly hadn’t thought of dying on my 20s either (that failed attempt came really out of the blue) — but anyways, back to my life expectations: I’ve always,  AND I MEAN IT, since I was a little kid I’ve always been healtyhy…

I remember saying that I wanted to live  long enough so I could taste the good things of life… but that I wanted to die early enough so I wouldn’t have to taste the bitterness of aging…. where I took that “bitterness” from? I have noooo clue… It’s not like I’ve grown up around old sick peeps. oh! who can guess what’s in a child’s mind, right? All I know is that  those ideas were written in stone, and here am I, far from being that child, but still wanting to die early enough, I’d say around my 60s.

Well, that drew my attention to my eating habits, how much they have changed…. how uninterested in cooking I’ve been, latelly,  how careless of my health and well-being I have been, how little I’ve taken care of my skin, my posture, my sanctuary… That is something that might be worked on…. more later



my source (in case you want to deepen your knowledge): BBC’s Medical Mavericks with Michael Mosley


2 thoughts on “Go essential fatty acids!

  1. Victorio Cristal says:

    Valentina, first of all excuse me for my poor ENGLISH! I loved your posts and i ll be your faithful follower!

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